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We make custom mobile apps that fit your users and business needs. Our goal is to create attractive apps with easy navigation that follow design standards. We focus on making feature-packed apps that stand out online and succeed in the market. Today’s mobile apps need to be fast, simple, and enjoyable for users. Our designers ensure high conversions and easy adoption through sleek designs and clear navigation. We use the latest technology to create great iOS and Android app designs.
We analyze the project, plan it out, and then our designers make it work on the small screen. Our layouts and wireframes are designed with the user in mind, making the apps easy to follow. We also test how usable the apps are. Our app design company uses competitive analysis and prototypes to create engaging and user-friendly interfaces. Our designs help businesses reach their goals by captivating users and standing out from the competition. Choose OpenXcell’s mobile app designers for iOS, Android, and Cross-platform designs to make your business succeed.

Our Process for Both Android & IOS App Design

In the dynamic world of mobile applications, delivering a flawless and visually stunning experience is paramount to success. At our app design company in Bangalore, a premier app design company in Bangalore, we specialize in curating intuitive designs for both Android and iOS applications, utilizing the powerful design tool Figma. Join us on a journey through the key stages of our app design process, tailored to ensure excellence on both platforms.

Developing a User Flow:

The foundation of every successful app lies in a well-thought-out user flow. At our app design company in Bangalore, we kick off the design process by meticulously planning how users will navigate through your Android and iOS applications. Through collaborative efforts on Figma, we create detailed flow diagrams, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly journey for both Android and iOS users.

Understanding User Behavior:

Our team conducts in-depth research to comprehend the unique behaviors of Android and iOS users. This insight helps tailor the user flow to the specific expectations and interactions associated with each platform.

Adapting to Platform Guidelines:

Recognizing the distinct design guidelines of Android and iOS, our user flow development incorporates platform-specific elements to enhance the native feel of the applications.

Creating a Low-Fidelity Wireframe:

Moving forward, we transition from the user flow to crafting low-fidelity wireframes, the blueprints of your app’s layout and functionality. Through Figma’s collaborative features, we sketch out basic structures, allowing you to visualize the essence of your Android and iOS applications. These low-fidelity wireframes serve as the canvas where ideas are tested and refined, ensuring a solid foundation for both platforms.

Iterative Prototyping:

With Figma's prototyping capabilities, we create interactive, low-fidelity prototypes. This iterative process allows us to gather early feedback, ensuring that the core concepts resonate effectively with users on both Android and iOS.

Platform-Specific Interactions:

Recognizing the nuances of touch gestures and navigation paradigms on Android and iOS, our low-fidelity wireframes incorporate platform-specific interactions for a more intuitive experience.

Creating a High-Fidelity Wireframe:

With the low-fidelity wireframes approved, we elevate the design to high-fidelity status, adding details and realistic elements to captivate users on both Android and iOS devices. Figma’s versatility enables us to incorporate vibrant imagery, cohesive color schemes, and interactive elements that resonate with the brand. The result is a high-fidelity wireframe that sets the stage for a visually stunning experience across both platforms.

Responsive Design:

High-fidelity wireframes are crafted with responsiveness in mind, ensuring that the design seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes and resolutions on both Android and iOS devices.

Platform-Specific Design Elements:

We pay meticulous attention to platform-specific design elements, such as navigation bars, buttons, and icons, ensuring that the app feels native and familiar to users on both Android and iOS.

Designing the User Interface:

The user interface (UI) is where the magic happens. Our designers use Figma’s robust features to create pixel-perfect interfaces that align seamlessly with the expectations of both Android and iOS users. Typography, color palettes, and iconography are carefully curated to ensure a consistent and visually appealing UI on both platforms, enhancing the overall user experience.

Branding Consistency:

We prioritize brand consistency across Android and iOS, maintaining a cohesive visual identity that resonates with your audience on both platforms.

Accessibility Considerations:

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, our UI design ensures that the app is user-friendly for individuals with diverse abilities, adhering to platform-specific accessibility guidelines.

Making Product Specifications:

Detailed product specifications serve as the bridge between design and development. At our app design company in Bangalore, we meticulously document every aspect of your app design, generating specifications effortlessly with Figma. This ensures that the vision for both Android and iOS applications is communicated clearly, facilitating a smooth transition from design to development.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

We emphasize cross-platform compatibility in the specifications, ensuring that the design seamlessly translates into functional code for both Android and iOS.

Scalability Planning:

Our product specifications include considerations for future updates and scalability, ensuring that the app can evolve seamlessly on both platforms.

Hand Off Your Design to Developers:

Effective communication between designers and developers is paramount. Figma simplifies this process by offering a collaborative platform where designs are seamlessly shared with developers for both Android and iOS. Through Figma’s developer handoff feature, we generate code snippets, assets, and CSS information, ensuring a streamlined and error-free implementation on both platforms.

Collaborative Development Environment:

Our collaboration with developers extends beyond design handoff, fostering an environment where developers can seek clarification and provide feedback, ensuring a smooth integration of design into the final product for both Android and iOS.

Version Control:

Figma's version control features enable us to track changes and updates, facilitating a transparent and efficient development process for both Android and iOS.

Perfect App Design Company For You:

Navigating the intricate landscape of app design can be challenging. Whether you’re aiming for perfection in user flow, wireframing, UI design, or collaboration between design and development for both Android and iOS apps, our app design company in Bangalore is here to assist. Our seasoned team of designers and developers is committed to ensuring the success of your app on both Android and IOs platforms.

Continuous Support:

Beyond the design and development phase, our team provides continuous support, addressing any issues or updates that may arise on both Android and iOS platforms.

User Testing and Feedback:

We conduct rigorous user testing on both Android and iOS to gather valuable feedback, ensuring that the final product aligns with user expectations on both platforms.

By following our comprehensive design process, powered by Figma, we guarantee that your apps will not only meet but exceed user expectations on both platforms. If you’re seeking a trusted app design partner in Bangalore to bring your vision to life across Android and iOS, look no further. Contact us today, and let’s embark on the journey of creating outstanding mobile apps together.
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